Kurt Cobain Confessions
Anonymous: How did you turn the "hide explicit content"?

click on one of your tags, doesn’t matter which. When it loads on the right hand side in the tags you should see

Then you change it from there x

-simultaneously turns the “hide explicit content” off on my tags-




Anonymous: Will you upload the video of oliver dancing?

I’m not uploading it here. Too many people stole the picture of him in a Nirvana top haha when I uploaded that but I’ve uploaded it to my instagram (kaylaa246) My account is private though x

Finally got a video of Oliver dancing to Nirvana :3

kateyblossom: but that night. I'll never forget it. It was weird, and just strange. For all I know it could've just been the streetlight being stupid. Guess, I'll never know.
kateyblossom: streetlight turned on dimly. Just very dimly. I smiled, and looked up to the sky again, and said, ''I got it, Kurt." When I walked away, I didn't look back. Until, I got to my apartment door. The streetlight was off. I don't know what it was-
kateyblossom: and just felt lost. I didn't know what to do. Anyways, I was under an off streetlight. It was pretty dark. So, I looked up to the sky, and said, ''Thanks, Kurt. For all the music. I'd feel so lost without it." Then as I went to walk away, the-
kateyblossom: Yesterday, it was late at nite. I just had a huge fight with my family. I went outside for a walk, took some headphones with me so I could listen to my IPod. 'All Apologies' was on repeat while I was walking. I was smoking a Camel cigarette-
Anonymous: The story of the girl in the bus stop reminded me of a thing that happened a few years ago. I saw a man playing the guitar on the street, and he sang songs like the beatles, rolling stones, the doors...he was really amazing, a huge crowd watched and listened to him. I listened to a couple songs, then I gave him some coins, and asked if he could play some Nirvana. He got upset, and told me that he hates Kurt, bc he killed himself and left his wife and kid alone...i was so confused and sad:(
over-obsessive: My uncle's coworker was the guy who found Kurt Cobain's body

:/ That must really suck for him to be the one who found him x

Anonymous: is Courtney clean now?

She says she is clean of illegal drugs yeah x

Anonymous: What do you think, what is involved in this tweet of Frances? Rather, it is about her mother. But what happened in between?

I do believe it may be about Courtney but I have no idea what could be behind it. Nothing has been said other than that tweet. I kinda have a feeling it may involve Sam Lufti and/or Ross Butler (Don’t know much about him but both have links with Courtney. Plus Frances has never liked Sam so I think it might be about him maybe telling Courtney stuff about Frances and Courtney believing them when it’s not true (Dave Grohl Déjà vu, hence the hashtag of lesson learnd AGAIN) But that just my thoughts on it x