Kurt Cobain Confessions
Anonymous: Why did Kurt call himself Kurdt, in his journals and such?

When Nirvana’s song Mexican Seafood appeared on Teriyaki Asthma Volume 1 in 1989 the people who put the compilation CD together realised they didn;t know how to spell his name so asked someone who they thought knew but they spelt it “Kurdt Kobain” Kurt saw this and liked it so he kind of took it on for a while. He spelt his name in tons of different ways: Kurdt Cobain, Kurdt Kobain, Kurdt Koebane Curt Cobain. On autographs, along with the names already stated he would sign them Curt or Curtis and his last name would be spelled Cohbain or Covain. Kurt would also check into hotels under the alias of Mr Poupon or Simon Ritchie (real name of Sid Vicious) x

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